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Revolution Plus Consultancy came into existence in the year 2007 when its promoters found that a large section of students were getting inadequate information for pursuing their career, particularly if they wanted to go overseas for higher education. Hence, they set up a counseling cell for the students…

Directors Reviews

Mr Gagan Sehgal Great consultants are flexible, have great discipline, persistent, studious, sociable and like MacGyver. I, Mr.Gagan Sehgal, the Director of RPC Immigration Services, License No. 36. Since 2009 is glad to give you a message that RPC Immigration services is one of the best service providers, we help all the students who desire to go abroad for the further studies on study Visa. We help to peruse their dreams to the best of their expectations and make their dreams come true successfully. There is a transparency in our work. Every Individual has ever visited us for the consultation with his queries is always fully satisfied as we have experienced from last so many years. The results of our work and the achievements are really fabulous. The team work is extremely superb. Our motivation has indeed helped many to achieve their goals and dreams. The services provided by us has expanded over years and has flourished with the positive outputs. We look at the various aspects and formalities of Visa application and always check the relevant documents. The services are really genuine. We always work on the personal aspects and interest of every individual. I really wish and suggest to all who want to go abroad for their higher studies please visit ” Revolution Plus Consultancy”  and have a right guidance to achieve your dreams.
Mr Madhur Sehgal An Immigration consultant is a professional who provides support, advice and legal help to people who wants to achieve their desired goals. I, Mr Madhur Sehgal, the Director of RPC Immigration Service, Licence No. 36 , working in this field from last 10 years is here to provide you all the right guidance  specially to those who really wish to go abroad for their higher studies on study Visa . We provide the services all over the countries for study Visa and help the students to fulfill their dreams. I am proud that our services provided here are the best and to the interest of Individual. We take the personal responsibility and have a proficiency through which we give advice and personal guidance on how to obtain the required documents and to complete the process carefully and smoothly. We always work within strict deadlines and accomplish the work. We guide the clients under all legislations. The services offered by us has really made a positive impact on the people who have experienced the work done in and through our services. They have fulfilled their dreams and achieved  success. The team members are really admiring and we have a positive output in every work. We give the best knowledge to our clients and solve all their queries. I highly recommend everyone to visit  “Revolution Plus Consultancy ” in order to  experience the services provided by us.

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